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BlackHawk Power Brush Accessory Kit

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1 star user rating.

Dec 13 2011 7:09AM

Not very happy with this. When I got this it looked used it don't pickup very well and it hard for my grandma to use this I would never buy this again (MD NOTES: Sorry for the issues. All products are brand new and never used. You can return the goods for a full refund within 30 days.)

1 star user rating.
Aug 21 2009 4:45PM

I immediately tried the Black Hawk on my area rug as soon as it arrived.

It did not pick up properly, leaving on the rug fuzzy balls and even some of the particles. I found the electric cord which must be plugged in every time you remove or attach the carpet attachment to be very cumbersome and time consuming to constantly plug and unplug as I go from carpet to hardwood floors and back to carpet. I returned the unit as I was unimpressed given that I have not had any problem with suction with the Turbocat. I ordered the Turbocat instead. (MD NOTES: This is the first complaint we have had about the suction or grooming of the BlackHawk. Regarding the cord we highly recommend spending a couple more dollars and getting two plastic wands or another wand so you can keep the wands in the BlackHawk and the new ones on the hard floor tool. Here are your options for a secondary wand set,406PT,406TB.

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BlackHawk Power Brush Accessory Kit

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