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BlackHawk Power Brush Accessory Kit

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2 star user rating.
Feb 6 2018 4:54PM

Power Brush does not have the same power as my previous power brush.

(MD Notes: The Blackhawk is considered to be a good introductory power head for electric systems, but will not be as powerful as some other models. We have reached out to the customer to remedy the issue.)

2 star user rating.

Feb 15 2013 4:03AM

The quality of this product is not what I expected. Maybe I should have spent more for the deluxe model. In order to use the non-powerhead attachments, I have to unfasten the power head electric cord from the retainers on the rigid chrome extensions each time. That is unsatisfactory. I'll use this kit in the basement. Thanks, Terry

(MD Notes: We sent this customer a secondary wand at no charge)

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BlackHawk Power Brush Accessory Kit

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