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BlackHawk Power Brush Accessory Kit

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3 star user rating.

Mar 2 2011 6:40PM

I received the kit and I am disapointed in the way it picks up dirt and depree. My other one was so much better! The packaging was also very unusual. I opened the box and everything was just thrown in there. It looked like it had been returned with no packaging.

3 star user rating.

Jan 15 2011 9:05PM

I give this product a relatively high score for cleaning effectiveness, but a low score for ease of use and for some quirky experiences we are having with it.

First of all, the part of the system that activates the vacuum itself has been intermittent. Finally figured out that by rotating the hose around in the outlet eventually makes the necessary contact to operate the vacuum. This has never been an issue with two previous hoses and Turbo Cat kits.

Similarly, the electric part to operate the electric brush is intermittent. Seems that every time we have used it, we have to keep trying the switch through its various positions several times until it finally comes on. We've only used it about three times and we still haven't been able to understand why this is so. It just seems random and trial and error every time before the brush starts operating

Finally, taking the hose and the wand apart is not easy. I finally figured out that I have to hold the brush and wand down with my foot while pulling hard on the handle on the hose for it to come apart. Unfortunately, My wife is neither tall enough nor strong enough to take it apart. I assume this will eventually be easier, but then I wonder if it loosens for that reason, will it also loosen enough to be wobbly. Remains to be seen.

3 star user rating.
Oct 7 2010 6:23AM

Nice product for the price. The electric beater brush really makes a high pitch feels like I need ear protection while I vacuum. (MD NOTES: We will contact this customer to see if there is a warranty issue here.)

3 star user rating.
Nov 23 2007 8:39AM
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BlackHawk Power Brush Accessory Kit

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