Inlet Blank Cover, White (3 in a pack)

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5 star user rating.
Jan 6 2021 6:02AM

Item shipped promptly and was exactly what I was looking for.

5 star user rating.
Apr 7 2020 6:07AM

Recently purchased a house with an older central vacuum with yellowed plastic covers. After trying a few blank faceplates from Home Depot without any luck, I found these. They fit perfectly and look great!

5 star user rating.
Nov 14 2019 5:04AM

These were exactly what I was looking for and couldn't find elsewhere. Even with shipping included the price per plate is reasonable

5 star user rating.
Apr 15 2019 5:45AM

Great online ordering, prices, and delivery! I highly recommend you

5 star user rating.

Mar 20 2019 5:38AM

Product is just what I wanted. Quality is very good

5 star user rating.

Feb 8 2019 5:30AM

Perfect fit, hard to find option for vacuum covers.

5 star user rating.
Jul 30 2018 7:23AM

Outlet covers fit perfectly and the price was very reasonable.

5 star user rating.

Jul 5 2018 8:50AM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.
Jul 27 2017 3:56AM

The blank covers fit perfectly no over the unused vacuum outlets. The product arrived well packaged and in a reasonable amount of time. The price was excellent. I would use this company again.

4 star user rating.
Feb 9 2017 5:19AM

The covers fit perfectly. This was the only place I saw to purchase so had to pay the price. Tried different sizes that were not meant to cover vacuum outlets, either they didn't cover or the screw holes didn't line up. Price was high but only ones that worked.

2 star user rating.

Aug 12 2016 8:18AM

These work really well, but are ridiculously expensive for non-sealing pieces of plastic. We bought these for a renovation, otherwise I would never spend this much.

5 star user rating.

Feb 17 2009 4:57PM
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Inlet Blank Cover, White (3 in a pack)

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