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4 star user rating.
Mar 16 2011 5:31AM

The clip is a good idea but it did not work on my vacuum handle. The pin was not long enough to stick out through the plastic and grab the hose. I think this was meant for handles with a metal pipe, not the thicker plastic pipe that I have. The seller was fantastic in handling the return. I would buy from them again.

5 star user rating.

Jan 10 2011 5:31AM
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2 star user rating.
Jun 4 2010 4:55AM

button wasn't quite long enough to extend thru the hole of the Eureka hose assembly

5 star user rating.
Dec 31 2008 12:07PM
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5 star user rating.
Mar 29 2008 5:24AM
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3 star user rating.

Oct 11 2007 7:30PM
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