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1 star user rating.
Sep 5 2018 7:55AM

I am sorry to report that this item did not fix my wand connection issue. I had to go back & duct tape it again. I have a Beam appliance and it is more oval shaped rather than round.

(MD Notes: We have contacted the customer and remedied the issue.)

1 star user rating.
Dec 4 2013 10:58AM

The button is not long enough to protrude through the vacuum pipe and to serve as a latching device. I would have returned it, but the cost was mostly "shipping and handling", so I wouldn't have received enough to make it worth my while.

(MD Notes: We worked out a deal with the customer to his satisfaction.)

1 star user rating.

Jun 27 2013 7:01PM

I removed the broken piece from the old button spring, and was able to install the new Button Lock C Clip with little difficulty. Unfortunately, the button does not protrude through the hole sufficiently to engage the other piece. It is fully seated, but not long enough. Perhaps a rating of 1 is a bit harsh, however, it doesn't work on my vacuum.

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