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Button Lock C Clip

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4 star user rating.
May 6 2020 3:50PM
Comments not provided.

4 star user rating.

Mar 20 2017 9:45AM

Took a few times trying to fit it in the pipe, but once in place it works fine. Still in there after 3 house cleaning events. Beats a whole new hose or end attachment.

4 star user rating.
Jan 30 2012 7:14AM

Button lock c clip serves the purpose and was easy to install, and seems to be of good quality. Downside is my wife said it is hard to push the button to release. Other than that, pleased with purchase and would recommend your product.

4 star user rating.
Mar 16 2011 5:31AM

The clip is a good idea but it did not work on my vacuum handle. The pin was not long enough to stick out through the plastic and grab the hose. I think this was meant for handles with a metal pipe, not the thicker plastic pipe that I have. The seller was fantastic in handling the return. I would buy from them again.

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Button Lock C Clip

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