Handle for Low Voltage On-Off Hose - Button Lock

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5 star user rating.

Feb 20 2020 7:31AM

I worked with customer service to determine the correct piece to purchase. I was able to install it with ease and couldn?t be happier with the honesty and customer service of this company!

5 star user rating.

Feb 20 2018 10:53AM

Perfect, easy to install.

5 star user rating.
Oct 22 2013 10:23AM

On a previous call to your customer service department I was told I had a 'pistol grip' handle. When the release pin broke, I ordered the pistol grip handle. When it arrived, I realized I had ordered the incorrect replacement part. On calling the customer service department again, the agent helped me understand that I actually had a 'gas nozzle' handle. I was told to keep the pistol grip handle and not return it.

We were able to find a replacement part locally so I did not have to reorder the part from you guys.


5 star user rating.
Dec 30 2012 8:21AM
Comments not provided.

4 star user rating.

Sep 3 2012 5:18PM

The screw that holds the handle together on the original handle broke so I was hoping I could just replace it. Upon receiving it I could quickly see it was not going to be an easy fix so shortly after I ordered a whole new hose. The original hose was purchased some time ago and has worked very well until the screw would no longer keep the handle together. P.S. The lady who took the order for the handle and then the new hose was very professional and knowledgeable. She was also very efficient in the handling of the order and both arrived as promised.

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Handle for Low Voltage On-Off Hose - Button Lock

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