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1 star user rating.

Dec 27 2017 8:37AM

Woman who cleans my home told me to return it and get my money back. After using it--and I did supervise how she used it--she needed to clean the floor again. Took her more time

(MD Notes: We have worked with the customer and remedied the issue.)

1 star user rating.

Feb 25 2015 7:55AM

Horrible! Hardly any suction gets through to pic up whats on the floor and the mop doesn't clean very well. Returning!

1 star user rating.

May 15 2014 9:45AM

the centramop is a good ideal but it doesn't pick up the hair on the floor or dirt like I thought it would. I think the opening where it should vaccum is not big enough, I was hoping it would save me some time.

1 star user rating.
Jun 4 2010 6:30AM

I do not like this at all...it does not have enough opening to suck up much dirt, and it isn't angled well- to get the head to lie properly on the floor, we have to bend uncomfortably rather than stand straight.

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