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CentraMop - Two Jobs in One

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2 star user rating.
Jan 21 2016 3:30AM
Comments not provided.

2 star user rating.
May 31 2010 2:24PM

The vacuum slots are not very wide so I am not pulling in that much before the mop pad runs into what should have been vacuumed. I will probably go back to the two step process of vacuuming first and then mapping.

2 star user rating.
May 11 2010 4:07AM

very disappointed in the centramop. Poor suction and no flexibility for getting into corners etc. still need to use regular brushes.

2 star user rating.

Dec 31 2008 5:19AM

It is not worth the trouble to change out the power head to this one. It's not much different than using the Bona handle and pads which don't required dragging the hose out. Not worth the cost difference.

2 star user rating.

Jun 30 2008 8:19AM

The product is ok. It's just our experience. My wife used to vacuum and later mop with normal map pad. I gifted this thinking that she will be all excited. She couldn't effectively use this since this mop get stuck when she pushes away from her. It was difficult to move towards her. Also, mop was not able to pick larger size particles (e.g., cereals) which are normally picked by other vacuums.

I thank MD Central for refunding my money without asking me to return the product. It's a great company - I love their service. I am very satisfied customers. I bought entire central vacuum from them. I hope, they improve the product and let me test for them if required.

2 star user rating.
Oct 9 2007 7:59AM

The cleaning pad works great, However, with this attachment the suction is too low. It does not pick up heavier debris only light dust.

The reason I bought this was to eliminate having to use two seperate tools to clean the floors. Because of the lack of suction I am still having to use my vacuum wand before using this attachment.

I use my vacuum's regular wand and it picks up everything nicely.

I would not buy this attachment again.

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CentraMop - Two Jobs in One

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