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Central Vacuum Garage Kit Accessory

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3 star user rating.

Jul 24 2014 1:42PM

Was disappointed in the quality. This was not the least expensive kit I saw but it sounded close to what was original equipment. The kit works fine but seems cheap and I would not expect to get the 15 years plus I got out of the original.

3 star user rating.

Nov 30 2010 8:29PM

Works OK but everything is made of very light plastic. Afraid how it will hold up under daily wear and tear! Seems overpriced for what you get.

3 star user rating.

Jan 28 2009 9:13AM

Two irritating problems. The metal hose end continues to disengage from the plastic floor sweep extension unit. I am a 200 pound weigh lifter so I know that it isn't insertion force that is lacking. It simply comes loose and separates every four or five minutes of use. The other problem I have experienced is, that on occasion, the hose unscrews from the male connector that connects the hose to the wall plate. I have to re-screw the male connector to the hose to continue. It looks like the male connector had residue of glue or something like glue but that failed to bond the male connector to the hose. Not major problems but very irritating. (NOTE: Try switching the top and bottom wands? Also spin them to rough them up a little bit. They are quite smooth. The hose should have been "screwed" into the hose cuff and rubber cement used. The threads are reversed. Please screw it in all the way. You don't have to use glue but it can help.)

3 star user rating.
Aug 6 2007 6:22AM
Comments not provided.

3 star user rating.

Apr 18 2006 10:40AM

Right now the rating is a 3, because the hose doesn't feel as heavy duty as the original, and I am not sure it will last. I do like that I can now reach a longer distance with the 50ft hose.

(NOTE FROM MD: The newer USA made hoses are very tough and it is deceiving because they don't feel that way. They are made of very durable materials. The hose can withstand a person walking on it all day for a very, very long time. It will keep bouncing back to its original shape. And remember, it has a two year warranty!)

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Central Vacuum Garage Kit Accessory

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