Muffler for vacuum fits 2-inch OD exhaust ports

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1 star user rating.
Jun 4 2020 6:04AM

pretty much useless as a noise reducer-determined that the loud noises were not necessarily from the exhaust but rather from the motors-no way to silence those without replacing the system as I am sure more recent systems make less noise. Good try but did not do what I wanted.

1 star user rating.
Jul 4 2018 12:38PM

doesn't noticeably reduce noise.Not worth 10 cents

(MD Notes: We have reached out to the customer remedied the issue.)

1 star user rating.
Sep 18 2014 9:26PM

They don't fit my machine, very disappointed

(MD Notes: You will need a 90 Spigot Sweep Ell (Part #503 in Hardware / Pipe and Fittings) to install it vertically)

1 star user rating.

Jul 15 2011 7:22PM

mufflers did not help i returned the two mufflers and two 90 degree bends

two weeks ago but have not received any type of reply. (MD NOTES: Not all units benefit from the muffler. If your vacuum has lots of vents where the motor is then they will not be of much help. The return will be credited.)

1 star user rating.
Jan 3 2011 7:21AM

useless, does not muffel any sound, would send back for refund but shipping not worth it. (MD NOTES: We will contact you and make a special arrangement. Mufflers work well on most vacuums but are not so good on others.)

1 star user rating.

Jun 8 2009 7:37AM
Comments not provided.

1 star user rating.
May 26 2007 6:23AM

Fit good but works poorly. VERY VERY cheap.

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Muffler for vacuum fits 2-inch OD exhaust ports

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