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Central Vacuum Zippered Hose Sock Cover

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2 star user rating.
May 1 2019 9:31PM

When I found the hose I wanted I did want a hose sock to protect my furniture and my walls. The sock I had before was the slip on one and I was always having to slip it back up the hose because it would bunch up. I saw they had a hose sock that zipped on to the hose and that was the option I wanted. Great concept! It was easy to put on the hose - took me about 5 minutes. Hardest part was getting the new hose straightened out right out of the box so I could put this hose sock on. But to my disappointment, the zipper splits open somewhere in the middle of the hose sock every time I use it. I have to unzip the sock past the point of where it came apart and then rezip it back on the hose.

This last time it was over halfway down the hose. I would have thought the quality of the zipper would be better - especially for the price.

(MD Notes: Customer was contacted regarding the 2 year warranty on this item and we shipped a replacement out at no charge today. Please let us know if you ever have issues with any item purchased from MD Mfg. Inc. We have warranty periods on all parts we sell and are happy to take care of any defective items you may receive.)

2 star user rating.

Dec 23 2015 7:11PM

I like it, but craftsmanship is poor. The zipper stitches are undone in a couple of places, but I kept it because I really need it.

(MD Notes: We have contacted this customer with a couple of options to help remedy this issue.)

2 star user rating.
Apr 29 2015 5:06PM

I ordered this cover to protect my wood work, especially corners. It is fine for this. So far I think my fresh paint has not been damaged. However, the zipper bursts open in the middle, in more than one place, making it necessary to unzip the entire cover and re-zip. This has happened several times. To remedy this, I've had to stitch, by hand, the zipper area together. It should have been made so the zipper is not exposed anyway.

(MD Notes: We are sorry to hear about this product damage. We are reaching out to the customer to resolve the issue.)

2 star user rating.
Apr 6 2014 3:10PM

I ordered a 30 foot hose and a 30 foot sock, but the sock is a foot shorter than the hose.

(MD Notes: All padded zippered hose covers are designed to expose at least one foot of hose on each end.)

2 star user rating.

Apr 2 2014 2:54PM

Makes the hose fill like its double in size, heavy to move around.

2 star user rating.
Jan 3 2014 8:04AM

The sock zipper is separating in two places. This is not a good sigh as to the products reliability. Hopefully you will replace it at no cost to me.

(MD Notes: We sent the customer a replacement hose cover at no charge.)

2 star user rating.

May 18 2012 5:52AM

Was not long enough to cover the hose though length on package indicated it was as long as the hose purchased. (MD NOTES: The sock will slip to a comfortable place and the ends of the hose will be exposed by design since it is the middle that needs to be protected. Nevertheless, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days by first contacting us with the request.)

2 star user rating.
Jul 19 2011 1:41PM

The hose cover did not completely cover the 35ft hose that had come with my system. However, the zipper function did make it extremely easy to install. (MD NOTES: Covers are not make to cover the ends of the hose by a foot or more.)

2 star user rating.

Feb 24 2011 4:29PM

sock is not long enough for the 30ft. hose (MD NOTES: The sock is designed to expose about 1-1/2 feet of hose on both sides. The sock properly covers the hose where the hose rubs on walls and furiture.)

2 star user rating.

Jan 31 2008 3:42PM

Ordered a 35ft cover and it's to short for my 35ft. hose. Zipper won't lock and it keeps unzipping during use. Liked the sock type better. (MD NOTES: The sock is not made to go all the way from one end to the other. The zipper should lock in place.)

2 star user rating.

Aug 20 2007 6:27AM

The idea of the sock is nice but it is cumburesome to use it. It slips down and gathers even after several times retying the 'shoe srings' and redoing the velcro. Do you have any suggestions? I may be sending this product back for credit. MD NOTES: THE KEY IS TO TIE IT DOWN NOT STRETCHED 100% FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER. LEAVE SOME SLACK AND ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF THE HOSE SOCK.

2 star user rating.
Mar 15 2007 6:15AM

I don't like the sock. It attracts dust and dog hairs and must be cleaned after each use. I hope it will save the baseboard on the corners.

2 star user rating.
Mar 3 2007 1:14PM

Nice feature so that you do no ruin furniture,BUT makes it very difficult to store hose. Keep slipping and sliding like a snake in a can. Could probably do without it. If I have to fight with my vacuum, I could do without it.

2 star user rating.

Apr 18 2006 9:21AM

First time we tried to put it on the hose, we got the "red" dye all over our hands and the vaccum... fortunately we noticed it before it got on the carpet and white millwork. (MD NOTE: This was a one time RARE manufacturing flaw that has been remedied.)

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