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Central Vacuum Zippered Hose Sock Cover

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3 star user rating.

Mar 23 2021 10:49AM

I ordered 2 hose socks and the person who took my order entered the wrong item number - I received the socks and requested a return notice. The package has been received by you. I intend to call to re-order the correct item and to make sure my return was credited on my charge card.

3 star user rating.

Feb 19 2020 5:46AM

Order came quickly and efficiently. Ordered new 50' hose and it did not work. I had to troubleshoot and take the handle portion apart to make proper contact of hose wire to handle strips. easier for me to fix than to send back but shouldn't of had to.

3 star user rating.

Feb 18 2020 6:26AM

The vacuum hose was supposed to be 30?, but it is only 27? thus 3? short of covering the vacuum hose.

MD Notes:We informed customer that all covers are designed to expose at least one foot of hose on each end to accommodate all brands that may vary in size.

3 star user rating.

Nov 13 2017 1:52PM

just a bit short for a 35' hose

(MD Notes: All covers are designed to expose at least one foot of hose on each end.)

3 star user rating.
Aug 11 2015 8:17PM

The 30' cover does not completely cover the 30' hose - it is approximately 6' short

3 star user rating.

Mar 15 2015 8:10AM

Easy to get off and on. Can wash it! Great product.

3 star user rating.
Sep 25 2014 4:40AM

Easier to install than the elastic one but the elastic is better when its on

3 star user rating.

Sep 10 2014 1:18PM

From the end of the zipper to the tie off should have velcro to close the opening.The same for the other end.This opening made the fine work of the sock look sloppy.

3 star user rating.

Jun 1 2014 4:29PM

The sock cover had a manufacturing flaw. When attaching the zipper to the sock, the seamstress missed the edge of the zipper cloth along a section about 5 inches long.

(MD Notes: A replacement hose cover was shipped right away)

3 star user rating.
Feb 14 2014 4:52AM

Works fine, easy to put on BUT -- it's too short. I understand that the short length is intentional but I can't figure out what purpose it serves. Would prefer the sleeve to cover the whole length of the hose.

3 star user rating.

Jul 30 2012 9:03AM

The hose cover had a loose thread. It made a mess. Had to fix it. (MD NOTES: We apologized to the customer for the inconvenience, and sent them a free replacement hose sock cover).

3 star user rating.
Mar 14 2012 7:25AM

I had an "original hose sock" and liked it a lot, so I thought the zippered hose sock would be a nice step up when I bought a second hose for the downstairs area of my house. Found that I preferred the original hose sock. The zippered hose sock is not padded all that much and seems to attract dog fur, and the zipper has let go at least once, so it had to be completely unzipped and then re-zipped. If I had it to do over again, I would just repurchase the original hose sock.

3 star user rating.

Nov 2 2011 8:53AM

This product is does not really fit a 35' hose and it keeps slipping despite being tied tightly. I am most unhappy with it. (MD NOTES: The sock will slip to a comfortable place and the ends of the hose will be exposed by design since it is the middle that needs to be protected. Please have patience with the product and you'll see how wonderful it is. Nevertheless, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days by first contacting us with the request.)

3 star user rating.

Oct 1 2011 8:32AM

Installed on Electrolux Cental Vac 35 ft. hose. Zipper made installation very easy, instead of slipping the long sock over the entire length of hose. Sock is not exact fit. These approximate measurements may be of some help to future buyers who have the Electrolux Central Vac 35 ft. hoses. Zippered Hose Sock: 33 ft. 8 in. Electrolux Hose: 34 ft. 6 in. (end-to-end). Coil section of hose between handle and wall connection: 32 ft. 6 in.

3 star user rating.

Dec 21 2010 4:55AM

3 stars because it only went 30 ft on my 50 ft hose

3 star user rating.
Apr 4 2010 10:44AM

Love the concept, hence the three stars, but unfortunately it didn't work for us. We have a light tan Lab mix dog whose short little hairs fly off her with each step she takes. Fortunately, our carpet is light-colored so they don't show up too much. But the material of this hose sock attracts her little needle-like hairs like crazy, even when the carpet was recently vacuumed. So after just one use, the sock was literally covered with her hairs. Since I had no intention of washing the sock after each vacuuming, I reluctantly returned it and will just have to be as careful as I can with the hose.

3 star user rating.

Oct 7 2009 7:02PM

Nice but a little short of description (MD NOTES: The sock is not made to go to the ends. The entire middle is covered and that's what matters the most.)

3 star user rating.
Oct 24 2008 7:50AM

One of the two socks were too long the other too short

3 star user rating.

Apr 22 2008 5:23PM

Even though I ordered the correct length, the sock does not completely cover the hose. It does, however, cover the majority of it. Not easy to put on without help.

3 star user rating.

Mar 18 2008 10:05AM

I bought a 35 foot cover,and it is short of fully covering my 35 foot hose of several feet. Upon tying it on the strings broke, and the velcro isn't sewn to where I can really make the cover tight at the ends. It is pretty, and since I have it starting at the plug in end, it will cover the areas that hit my woodwork, which is what I wanted it for. It went on easy. It would just look better if the 35'cover actually fully covered a 35' hose. I don't know if it will slide d/t not being 'tightly secured' at each end. I'll find out. (MD NOTES: The socks are made to be short. Leave the hose exposed on the hose handle end for easier griping as you handle the hose while vacuuming.)

3 star user rating.
Feb 9 2008 4:51AM

The 35' sock is just a bit too short for the 35' hose. Otherwise the inside zipper feature is great.

3 star user rating.
Oct 31 2007 2:23PM
Comments not provided.

3 star user rating.

Mar 22 2007 5:41PM

Short does not cover all of 35' hose. Next to that OK.

3 star user rating.

Feb 9 2007 7:15AM

Our original unit has the sock type cover, works well but difficult to remove for cleaning and re-installing with the sleeve is okay. This new type sock is very easy to put on and take off. The one problem I see with it that reduced my rating is that the stitching on the quilting is terrible and already coming unstitched. I don't expect it to last long at all. The concept is good the workmanship is terrible. David Shafman

MD NOTES: This is not normal. MD will look into this and send another if it is so.

3 star user rating.
Dec 28 2006 7:58AM

first time i put it on - the zipper separated - hope that doesn't continue to happen or i'll be sending it back.

MD NOTES: We contacted the customer and offered a free replacement.

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