Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Dual Motor 12 amp 240v

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5 star user rating.
Jan 1 2019 5:21AM

Great Company !!!!

5 star user rating.
Aug 23 2017 4:27PM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.

Mar 1 2017 9:27AM

Works fine. Very easy to install. Wonderfull soft starter

3 star user rating.

Jun 7 2016 8:12AM

We do not have Vacuum servicing in our rural area. I hired an Electrician and he thought immediately that MD had sent the wrong part as there was no mention that the part was different from the older one. We have since found out that it is the correct replacement however the Electrician has not had the time to come and finish the job as of yet! Still do not know if it's going to work. :(

5 star user rating.

Jul 22 2014 9:52PM

I was pleased with the products and services of MD Central Vacuum in the past so I chose to use them again. I upgraded to this circuit board after failure of the transformer on my 1997 system. The website and staff were very helpful in diagnosing the problem. Shipping was also quick. I will not hesitate to purchase from this company again.

4 star user rating.
Jun 25 2014 8:22AM

This board was an exact fit for my AirVac ZX8000 Gold central vac. I purchased the dual motor, 12 amp, 240V board instead of the single motor, 7 amp, 240V board, because the system is rated for 10 amps. The ZX8000 has a single motor, so you simply do not use one pair of the motor power/neutral leads. I did lose the LED status/reset that came on the original board, which indicates the bag is full or the motor needs servicing, but otherwise it works perfectly.

5 star user rating.

Jul 25 2013 10:19AM

Worked great for my system. I cobbled together seperate parts and needed a circuit board to control it. Customer Service was a great help with tech info,very happy.

5 star user rating.

Dec 6 2012 5:32AM

easy to install, did what it was supposed to. How can you beat that?

5 star user rating.

Mar 10 2011 4:59PM

I was a little leary about purchasing this product because it was less than half the cost of the other boards that I found and I was not sure if it was a cheap China product but to my surprise it is made in Canada. I live in Canada and it only took about 5 days to arrive. The board fit perfectly in the CV850 housing and the only small issue I had was trying to figure out which connectors on my existing on/off switch to connect the low voltage leads to as my original board had 4 wires going to the switch. After a couple of tries I made the right connection. I'm very glad I found this company with such reasonably priced products.

5 star user rating.

Jul 19 2006 8:11AM

That part is working great!

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