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Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 15amp 120v

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5 star user rating.
Jan 24 2020 9:04AM

Except for the holiday timing, part was swiftly delivered and we were catching up on vacuuming the same day as arrival!

5 star user rating.
Jan 24 2020 5:21AM

It worked!

5 star user rating.

Jan 23 2020 5:32AM

Great part, It came when promised and functioned correctly

5 star user rating.
Jan 9 2020 9:38PM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.
Dec 5 2019 6:29AM

Board was not an exact replacement since it lacked the second circuit board that provided status information.

However, it did fix the problem of not being able to turn the unit on.

4 star user rating.
Dec 4 2019 5:35AM

Service and order support exceeded expectations .. disappointed that purchased part, while satisfactorily performing primary function IS NOT a 100% functional replacement for original part. NO "drive" circuitry for motor monitoring LED

5 star user rating.

Nov 18 2019 7:14PM

I had a 15 year old central vac with a bad circuit board. This replacement fit perfectly and worked well. Thanks

5 star user rating.
Nov 12 2019 5:14AM

Our electrician put in the new circuit board and the system is working like a charm. Thanks so much.

5 star user rating.

Nov 4 2019 5:29AM

Very pleased with the service that I received. Fast shipping, reasonable pricing and my central vac is up and running again, Yay!

5 star user rating.
Oct 18 2019 6:18AM

The replacement board looked way better than the original. It included pigtails for a local switch which the original did not. There was no support for the green/red led on the front but I don't think that worked anyway. The board was a perfect fit. I happily recommend to anyone needing parts. My Vac is a Hayden.

4 star user rating.
Sep 9 2019 7:23AM

Did not have a tracking no. into Canada but I did receive it and it worked like a charm.


5 star user rating.
Sep 3 2019 9:53AM

Replaced the bad 20 Amp board on my Duo vac. Running great.

5 star user rating.
Aug 29 2019 7:42AM

Worked great, simple plug and play application, took all of 15 minutes to install and be back in business.

5 star user rating.
Aug 1 2019 7:19AM

I had to drill two new mounting holes but I expected that . I mounted it vertically and that made all the original wiring easier to hook up. The board works perfectly. Great product

5 star user rating.
Jul 11 2019 5:52AM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.
Jun 24 2019 7:14PM

Easy to install. Worked perfectly.

5 star user rating.

Jun 6 2019 9:57PM

Board went in without a hitch. Though other reviews mentioned a need to make modifications; my in house vac needed none. An easy installation...and I was back in business in less than 1/2 hour.

2 star user rating.
Jun 5 2019 5:51AM

I was given wrong information regarding my Centralvac (i.e. a clicking sound when the unit was turned on) . As a result, I purchased a new motor whereas the real problem was a circuit board that went bad.

(MD Notes: Generally, when there is a clicking sound heard from the relay (either stand alone or on a circuit board) that is an indication of a faulty motor. We regret to hear that was not the case for this specific instance. The customer reached out to us back in May and we helped him to resolve.)

5 star user rating.
May 27 2019 10:23AM

The parts were delivered very promptly and were the same quality as original manufacturer.

5 star user rating.
May 17 2019 1:33PM

The part fit and worked exactly as it was supposed to

5 star user rating.
Apr 16 2019 6:05AM

I used Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 15amp 120v to replace the original circuit board on a Hoover central vacuum. The Hoover part was no longer available. The MD Central Vacuum board retrofit works fine. For my installation, I drilled new mounting holes (3/4" and 7/16") as the configuration was different than the original board. I covered the old holes with aluminum duct tape.

4 star user rating.
Apr 1 2019 9:23AM

Works but modification was needed by electrician

5 star user rating.
Apr 1 2019 8:11AM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.
Mar 19 2019 6:18AM

Very easy to install , and worked great!!

3 star user rating.

Mar 15 2019 4:32AM

The board is a generic one and the housing required a bit of modification for the install. Once in however, it worked fine. I only gave 3 stars on the review because the board did not come with the nuts that attached to the switch and power outlet that extended through the housing. That oversight was a bit frustrating.

(BIV Notes: We are very sorry for this issue. We receive these parts directly from the manufacturer and would b happy to send replacements if needed.)

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