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Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 15amp 120v

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2 star user rating.

Dec 10 2020 5:30AM

This motherboard did not fit my vacuum. I had to drill holes in liner to mount

2 star user rating.
Jun 5 2019 5:51AM

I was given wrong information regarding my Centralvac (i.e. a clicking sound when the unit was turned on) . As a result, I purchased a new motor whereas the real problem was a circuit board that went bad.

(MD Notes: Generally, when there is a clicking sound heard from the relay (either stand alone or on a circuit board) that is an indication of a faulty motor. We regret to hear that was not the case for this specific instance. The customer reached out to us back in May and we helped him to resolve.)

2 star user rating.

Mar 19 2017 4:09PM


2 star user rating.

Jan 8 2015 3:56PM

The CKT board mounting mechanism didn't match the existing holes in the metal frame of our vacuum machine. I had to cut & bend the sheet metal frame so to fit it in with your newly designed circuit board!? Suggest to look at your old drawing before designing a new CKT Board.

(MD Notes: The mini-breaker and low voltage connection tower come with nuts that screw down and secure the board to the outside of the vacuum tank. If these two holes do not align with holes on the vacuum tank a new hole will have to be made. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

2 star user rating.

Jun 29 2013 1:49PM

Your circuit board was a generic one that would not allow the motor to be stopped usi g the hose control.

When I returned it I was told it was a generic one, not what I expected.

Your service was great and efficient. Except for the board it would be five stars

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Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 15amp 120v

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