Cord for Stealth or Central Vacuum Cleaner

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2 star user rating.

Jan 30 2013 10:15AM

The length of the wiring at the end of the cord connecting to the powerbrush head (length of cord past the 'stopper') is a little short. It was a little difficult to put in wiring end caps.

The 'stopper' also suggests that it be slid into place, which was not the case with this powerbrush head. A slot needed to be cut on the powerbrush to allow for the 'stopper' to be fitted.

2 star user rating.
Jan 23 2012 5:47PM

The cord was easy to install but it is a poor fit into the switch assembly i purchased for the gas pump handle. It takes some effort to align up. I have to do it because my wife has trouble fitting the pieces together.

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Cord for Stealth or Central Vacuum Cleaner

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