Cord for Stealth or Central Vacuum Cleaner

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3 star user rating.

Apr 14 2010 7:40PM

works fine, had to do a little splicing but kind of expected some rework. a couple of good twist and or crimp type of connectors would be helpful as if just twist connectors are used a possible disconnect is possible due to movement of wire.

3 star user rating.
Dec 15 2008 7:46AM

This cord replaces the cord from the power brush to the handle. I had to purchase this one, because my original power brush cord plugged into the handle using a normal 110 volt plug. The new hose I bought required the two round pin configuration. I ran into three problems installing this cord. First, for my installation it is BARELY long enough to reach the handle. It should be two to three inches longer. Secondly, the old cord exited the rear of the power brush through a hole and strain relief in the plastic chassis. This new cord comes with a strain relief that is designed to slide into a slot in the rear of the chassis. I had to cut this slot, very carefully, with a Dremel Tool. Finally, with the strain relief installed in my custom-made slot, the wires were barely long enough to make the connection.

3 star user rating.

Feb 23 2008 4:48PM

Cord grommet wrong construction for our unit. Cut away molded grommet and used old grommet off existing cord. Works OK.

3 star user rating.
Jan 29 2008 4:39AM

cord was difficult to install. had to make some changes,but it works fine.

3 star user rating.

Apr 18 2006 8:50AM
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