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Crevice Brush Accessory

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1 star user rating.
Nov 6 2007 10:48AM

could not uase this accessory with my system

1 star user rating.

Aug 8 2007 6:16PM

Did not fit Vac hose even with adapters

1 star user rating.
Jun 13 2007 2:15PM

Accessories did not fit. You must have changed your size when you changed from the original opaque brush. The adapters did not fit. We are trying to use superglue to make the accessory fit. We are most dissatisfied.

1 star user rating.

Dec 29 2006 5:25AM

Does not fit any of the wands very well.

1 star user rating.

Dec 28 2006 6:04AM

Does not fit any hose, the adapters do not fit the hose, the brush is useless.

MD NOTES: For some connections, twisting the Crevice Brush on really tight the first time will create a good friction fit.

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Crevice Brush Accessory

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