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Crevice Brush Accessory

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2 star user rating.

May 11 2014 7:39AM

Good idea, poor design. It needs to have a curve to it like the round brush. Going to home Depot to see if I can find a part to make it really usable

2 star user rating.
Apr 19 2007 9:22AM

I had a hard time finding a wand it would fit on. They give you extra fittings but they didn't work. I ended up using a wand from a shop vacuum.

2 star user rating.
Feb 21 2007 8:24AM

Not quite what I expected from the written description. I thought it would be more angled to get into tighter spaces; but it is still a usable tool for regular applications.

2 star user rating.
Jan 15 2007 1:32PM

Doesn't fit central vacuum hose -- even with adapters included. In fact, it does not fit any of the central vacuum extenders, either.

(MD NOTES: We hear this once in a while. We understand that for some it is not a great fit but as you get a little "rough" with connecting it is does stay very well.)

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