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Beam, Electrolux Hose Adapter

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1 star user rating.

Sep 5 2017 11:26AM

Was recommended for my Beam central vac and it didn't fit.

Customer service was very nice though.

(MD Notes: We reached out to the customer to find an alternate solution.)

1 star user rating.

Mar 2 2012 1:22PM

This product was recommended by MD Central Vacuum as an adapter for my central vac Beam system. I had asked a question regarding my system and this product was recommended. The product is for a round hose system and I had specified my system has a squared ending. Very disappointed. (MD NOTES: We contacted the customer an apologized for the inconvenience. They were refunded the full amount of their purchase.)

4 star user rating.

Jul 31 2011 3:37AM
Comments not provided.

2 star user rating.
Jan 7 2011 4:02AM

My rating is not on the product itself, but on MD's lack of details in the description. Only one diameter is given, and I incorrectly assumed that the diameter given was for the end attaching to the sweeper hose; it isn't. That size is much larger. I had even talked to one of the technicians prior to ordering, but they couldn't give me the dimensions over the phone so I had to take a gamble.

All items I ordered seemed to be very good quality; I just can't use them.

However, I must say that the customer service people I dealt with were extremely nice. I'm still out shipping costs to return the items, but they happily are given me a refund on the purchases made.

5 star user rating.

Dec 15 2009 10:25AM

Product was exactly what I needed to be able to use the CentraMop accessory. MD Vacuum personnel were exceptional in helping me find the right product to make everything work with my Beam system. Great company and first one I'll go to for my needs.

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