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Aug 13 2012 6:21AM

The brush does not work well at all. The one it was to replace will not be replaced by this product. The plastic inside the bristles is to long and the bristles themselves just suck onto themselves and don't allow anything to be sucked into the hose. you need to clean the outside of the bristles after use to remove all the dust. I am not happy with this product.

1 star user rating.

Mar 22 2010 4:22PM

brush fell apart first time I used it. called customer support they are sent me a new one so far so good.

1 star user rating.

Nov 19 2009 3:24AM

Brush hairs fold in and clog the opening when vacuum operates! Opening is too small, and maybe the brush hairs are too long or not stiff enough to resist the air-flow. Would not purchase again.

1 star user rating.

Oct 12 2009 11:54AM

Construction of the brush is such that the bristles close off the hole in the center. Therefore, the lint and dust gets trapped in the brush instead of being pulled through the opening into the vacuum bin.

MD Notes: Some central vacuums are of such power that this effect can happen. Possible fixes include opening your hose's air bleeder valve.

1 star user rating.

Jun 27 2006 3:04AM
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