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Generic Cord for Electric Power Brush

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1 star user rating.
Jul 12 2016 1:56PM

This cord didn't work on my Hayden 201 system as I was told it would. ended up ordering a new power-head.

(MD Notes: We sincerely apologize that this cord did not work on your Hayden 201 power head. All proprietary Hayden parts were discontinued in the fall of 2015. Generic parts are generally compatible with an adapter which we provide free of charge.)

1 star user rating.

Nov 8 2015 4:04PM

not the correct part for the stealth II

(MD Notes: We have reached out to the customer to better understand the part that they need. Once we have more information, we will be better able to provide a proper resolution.)

1 star user rating.
Dec 30 2013 5:13AM

Not the correct cord for my stealth II power head. Stuck with something that will cost too much to send back.

(MD Notes: We issued this customer a refund for this item. Please note that the Stealth II does not have an exposed cord that you can replace. The item to order instead would be #406STQ.)

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Generic Cord for Electric Power Brush

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