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12ft Extension Hose - Double your Cleaning Area.

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1 star user rating.

Jan 27 2021 5:17PM

Prior to making this purchase I called MD Central Vacuum and spoke to a very nice woman. I explained that I have an electric hose with 2 metal pins on the end that make an electrical connection when the hose is inserted into the wall outlet. The electrical circuit would drive an electric power head for carpets. I asked her SPECIFICALLY if this extension hose would work with my electric hose. She assured me the 2 hoses would fit together, but would not run an electric power head since the extension hose has no electric pins or other means to complete the electric circuit. She told me if I only wanted to use a brush head then this extension hose will work fine. I then went ahead and bought the extension hose only to find IT DOES NOT FIT MY ELECTRIC HOSE. I am very disappointed and highly annoyed that I was mislead into buying the extension hose. I would like to return it for a full refund. Please contact me and let me know what I need to do to return the extension hose and receive a full refund.

1 star user rating.

Oct 6 2015 7:18AM

The catalog said it would fit 99% of hoses. It should read it does not fit direct plug hoses. Very aggravating to have to pay additional shipping and there is no replacement for it.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to this customer regarding the additional shipping fees incurred.)

1 star user rating.

Jul 2 2012 12:28PM

If your vacuum system hose has the two pins that go into the wall when you connect your hose, this won't work for you. If the website explained that, I wouldn't have wasted the time and postage to have one delivered and then returned because it wouldn't work.

1 star user rating.
Dec 13 2011 12:41PM

Did not work with my stealth system. Received refund for product but not for shipping. Will not be using or recommending this company again. (MD NOTES: We contacted the customer and issued a refund for their initial shipping cost.)

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12ft Extension Hose - Double your Cleaning Area.

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