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12ft Extension Hose - Double your Cleaning Area.

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2 star user rating.

Jan 31 2013 8:17AM

While I do appreciate the simplicity of being able to extend my house to clean a few back rooms, the build quality makes me nervous. If anybody were to step on it once, it would certainly crack the hose. Also the end you attach your house-hose onto will pull out if you pull it even a little bit. It gets the job done, for now but I suppose for the price it cost I would have expected something more substantial. If the price was $25 I would have gave it 3 stars. I wish there was a way to be able to clean beyond 35' with a quality, low voltage hose with out having to resort to adding new terminals.

(MD Notes: Our durable hoses are crush-proof and will bounce back to it's original shape if stepped on by accident. Low voltage hoses are available up to 50' in length)

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12ft Extension Hose - Double your Cleaning Area.

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