Flexible Crevice Tool for all Vacuum Hoses

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Mar 28 2019 6:18AM

If I could find my slip of paper to return these items I would return them. Hard to get places attachment wasn't able to get where I needed it to get. Pet groomer kit was not comfortable for the dog or me and I have used the sweeper on him before, he likes it but not your attachments.

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1 star user rating.
Sep 22 2015 5:34AM

The openings are so narrow that anything larger than dust going through jams inside and you need to dismantle the three part tool to clean it. Flexible part does well in getting deep into the dryer, but the lint soon jams the tool as it is too heavy/large for the opening to handle. It does remove the lint eventually. If you are lucky the lint jams at the end and you can just pick it off. If not then dis-assembly and reassembly required every few seconds of action.

1 star user rating.

Jul 10 2014 4:49AM

It is a great idea but it did not work for what I needed. It was sent curled up in a small circle and I could not get it to flex straight. My purpose was to use it on the dryer to get all the lint below what the lint trap missed. It got clogged and the narrow hose, now with out any suction. Disappointed.

(MD Notes: We are very sorry that this item shipped curled up as opposed to flat. We will contact you immediately to resolve this issue.)

1 star user rating.

Feb 18 2012 5:56AM

Not what I was looking for. I did use it in the dryer to gather lint, but it kept clogging the hose. I was looking for a straight, non- flexible crevice tool for my base boards, but couldn't find one sold separately.

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Flexible Crevice Tool for all Vacuum Hoses

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