Flexible Crevice Tool for all Vacuum Hoses

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2 star user rating.

Mar 31 2015 4:51AM

The flexible crevice tool does not work on my refrigerator coils. Very disappointed. It's still too thick to get between them. There is a part where it's thicker and that's what keeps it from sliding in between the coils.

2 star user rating.
Mar 21 2013 6:26AM

Lint clogs this easily and the tip will not lie flat in some areas. Not as useful as I'd hoped.

2 star user rating.
Jan 7 2011 7:51AM

Tried it under my refrigerator. Got clogged up with a large piece of dust, had to find a tool to disloge it. Ok for some areas.

2 star user rating.
Apr 29 2009 2:37AM

Tool is too large to fit between elements of refrigerator coolng coils which defeats the primary purpose of this tool.

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Flexible Crevice Tool for all Vacuum Hoses

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