Foam Filter for AirMaster 12-inch

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5 star user rating.
Sep 29 2014 9:07AM
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5 star user rating.
Jul 13 2014 1:48PM
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4 star user rating.
Nov 29 2010 4:32PM
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1 star user rating.

Dec 2 2009 4:39AM

the product delivered is NOT the product shown. Don't you have all the copies of my correspondence with your business?

What is wrong with your business?

I was very unhappy that I was misled by your website and personel.

You have not followed through your promise to change the pictures and/or discription of product.

Take a really good look at this picture and take a really good look at what you are shipping out! (MD NOTES: We will update the photo to the darker colored foam. Thank you for catching this. The product is the same and meets our quality otherwise.)

5 star user rating.

Oct 25 2009 8:41PM

Very helpful. Service was excellent and the product is of very good quality. I made a mistake with the order (I should have ordered the 10+inch filter, but that was my fault--I'm cutting them down to the proper size). Overall very good experience.

5 star user rating.
Sep 21 2008 8:25AM
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3 star user rating.

Mar 7 2007 8:40AM

How come mine are Grey colored this time? They are not made of the same denity foam either. Last time I got what is displayed in this photo????

Pamela McNulty

MD NOTES: Yes, the color may be grey depending on the vendor's supply, but the quality is the same.

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Foam Filter for AirMaster 12-inch

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