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Free Flow Hose and Pipe Maintenance Sheets

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1 star user rating.

Jul 31 2019 7:31AM

It didn't work for us. Just got stuck in the walls somewhere. The one that actually got through did remove a big fur ball and came out dirty so I guess it does the job if it can get through.

(MD Notes: We have contacted the customer and remedied the issue.)

1 star user rating.

Apr 20 2016 7:07AM

I was so excited to use these however to my disappointment the first one I put in got stuck and I have tried everything and can't get it to come out. I am afraid to try it in any of the others for fear of this happening again. :(

(MD Notes: We have reached out to this customer with options to remedy this issue.)

1 star user rating.
Oct 27 2015 1:57PM

Tried it once and it immediately got clogged. UGH!!!!

(MD Notes: We have reached out to this customer to assist in resolving the issue.)

1 star user rating.

Sep 29 2014 12:52PM

Very expensive for what they are. My system is over 10 years old and either was very clean already or these do not work. Got nothing out but the cloth.

1 star user rating.

Oct 11 2008 10:03PM

fist attempt clogged hose.

second attempt clogged vac line-sucked it out w/another vac.

recommend against using them at all, unless you like completely bloced systems.

(MD NOTES: If you have the beginnings of a clog than these sheets may pull that clog completely through or, they may clog it further. If it gets clogged, then put your hand over the hose end and let the pressure built up then release, do this until the clog pulls through. The sheets actually help with this technique of clearing out clogs. If they don't then the clog was bound to be a tough one anyhow and will need the helps found under solution #3 at Otherwise these sheets do help clear out the pipes.)

1 star user rating.
May 12 2008 7:14PM

Fot whatever reason my 30 foot hose got clogged each time I tried to use a tissue. It took a lot to figure out where the clog occurred and then try to clear it. It could be my hose but I am afraid to try it a 3rd time. (MD NOTES: That means you are about to have a clog. Why else would it get stuck? Next time put your hand over the hose end, let pressure build, and let go, keep doing this and shake the hose.)

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Free Flow Hose and Pipe Maintenance Sheets

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