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Free Flow Hose and Pipe Maintenance Sheets

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2 star user rating.

Jun 25 2020 4:35PM

Vac sheets are OK but way OVERPRICED.

2 star user rating.
Jan 30 2019 6:06AM

sheets wound backwards in can- impossible to extract from can.

(MD Notes: This item can be used with all central vacuum units. Whether or not you will be able to extract from the debris collector and re-use would depend on the unit)

2 star user rating.
Aug 15 2017 6:36AM

We had one inlet that had poor suction, so we purchased the sheets to see if it would help. Our sheet got stuck in the piping and never came out into the canister. We tried it from another inlet that had better suction and it went through.

(MD Notes: If your system is developing a tough clog, this product should push it all through, but there is a chance it could get stopped up even more. However, that may not be a bad thing as sometimes clogging the pipe can help the vacuum build pressure to force the difficult mess through. If it can't push it through then the clog was bound to be a problem anyhow, yet we have methods in our trouble shooting guide for resolving it.)

2 star user rating.
Apr 7 2008 2:39PM
Comments not provided.

2 star user rating.
Feb 29 2008 5:29AM

One cloth got stuck in the system and clogged it up, it did come out after some time trying. I was afraid I would have had to call a repair man. They did clean up a lot of debris, i was surprised. (MD NOTES: Getting debris out may take a cloth getting nearly stuck. What happens is the suction builds up against the clog as it is further blocked creating enough force to get the entire pre-clog out.)

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Free Flow Hose and Pipe Maintenance Sheets

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