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Fuse Plug for Electric Hose (cuff and 2-pin plug)

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2 star user rating.

May 3 2015 2:28PM

The cuff I received was larger in diameter than the old cuff, so it fit too loosely and was not usable. I used the old cuff, which posed a problem because it fit so tightly I had to cut it off, and to reuse it I "sutured" it with wire. Luckily the 2-pin plug worked okay in the old cuff. I soldered the connectors onto the wires to insure a good contact. So with a little ingenuity the vacuum is back in service.

(MD Notes: We are sorry to hear this customer is experiencing an issue with this product. We have reached out to the customer to resolve this issue.)

2 star user rating.

Dec 12 2013 12:27PM

I ordered 3 of the cuff and 2 pin plug, out of the 3 there's one that is not working. Can I get a replacement or credit for the one that doesn't work? I would expect the fuse to be in working order, when I installed the first one it didn't work and than I put the 2nd one in and that worked.

(MD Notes: We shipped a replacement free of charge.)

2 star user rating.

Apr 6 2009 5:41AM

Adapting the wire from my hose to the female stab you supplied was a challenge, crimping it to grab the wire and not snapping off the stab was difficult. When completed I forced it on, wrapped the wire around the stab to make sure of connections and shoved it back into the sleeve. Considering I'm mechanically inclined and i had trouble for the average Joe this would be a problem. Not so much a problem if i could have found my soldering iron. This needs improvement Thanks Mark (NOTE: The manufacturer switched to new contacts, thus the frustration. Newer hoses have newer connections so this is not difficult to install. The real problem came when they stopped supporting the older style so this newer product has to be made to fit - or a new hose needs to be purchased.)

2 star user rating.

Dec 7 2008 10:14AM

The new Cuff could not be used to replace my old cuff because the slots in the cuff were not the same. I did use the pins after I modified the connections to match my original which had broken off. (MD NOTES: There are several types of hoses out there. This part matches the hose wall end that looks like this hose here:

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Fuse Plug for Electric Hose (cuff and 2-pin plug)

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