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Fuse Plug for Electric Hose (cuff and 2-pin plug)

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3 star user rating.

Jan 29 2021 9:23AM


3 star user rating.

Jun 27 2016 4:19PM

Our vacuum is a Beam. The 110v pin for the rug beater broke off. The replacement cuff provided did not fit at all (way too big). My old cuff had a large crack, but I was able to reuse it anyway. The pin assembly did work - though I had to solder one of the leads to it. The vacuum does work again after suffering a broken pin. I do not recommend this item to anyone who has an unusable cuff and/or isn't able to solder a wire. I do not understand why soldering is needed - a simple adapter clip could be included for an additional modest ($1?) charge.

(MD Notes: We apologize for the extra work involved. Please note that the hose parts we offer are for industry standard hoses and are not guaranteed to be compatible with proprietary hoses. Please call our office to confirm compatibility.)

3 star user rating.

Feb 27 2012 7:18AM

The cuff was too big for my Omar's electric hose. But I was able to carve out the old Omar's cuff to accept your prong connectors, so it's working.

3 star user rating.

Jan 10 2011 4:42AM

The fuse plug and 2-pin fit good the cuff did not fit my hose.


3 star user rating.

Sep 5 2010 7:30AM

The repair Kit worked after I made some modification to the fuse. However, the cuff that came with the kit was too large and I had to use the old one. Overall it solved one problem and now I am seeking a solution to another. The machine will not turn on even when I go to the machine and turn on the rocker switch. Yes, I did try the reset button.

3 star user rating.

Jul 7 2010 3:34AM

Product worked well but took some extra soldering when cutting the old wires and connecting new wires to terminal. Wires are very small and very difficult to connect to new terminals with the smallest clip was not compatible to the prong. Soldering was easier and with the help of my son's extra set of hands we got the job done. Product works fine.

3 star user rating.
Feb 20 2010 6:27AM

Solved the problem but it is unfortunate that every time the fuse plug breaks (this part is poorly designed) you are forced to purchase an additional part - the cuff - that is not needed to effect the repair.

3 star user rating.
Nov 6 2009 4:26PM
Comments not provided.

3 star user rating.

Sep 2 2009 10:27AM

Thought I ordered the 1 1/2 inch, so I ordered the wrong size. I need to send this one back and get a 1 1/2 inch cuff and 1 1/2 inch plug,

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Fuse Plug for Electric Hose (cuff and 2-pin plug)

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