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Gas Pump Hose Handle for Vacuum Hose

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2 star user rating.

Apr 20 2012 4:22PM

This handle had to be replaced because of the poor quality of the switch for power head & vacuum. This switch failed twice within a three-year period. Each time the handle was opened, switch replaced & handle closed. After the second replacement the screw posts in the handle began breaking off; apparently the plastic lost its elasticity as the screws were hand-tightened to be snug, not overtight. Without the poor switches, the handle would have been fine, but switch replacement showed up the lack of durability of the handle parts.

Time for an upgrade in quality of both switch & handle, although making the switch more durable would indirectly solve the handle problem.

2 star user rating.

Apr 28 2010 9:10AM

The electric connection shorts out continuously due to a poor connection getting worse over time, even when new. (MD NOTES: The hose supplier has redesigned the interior of the female receptacle wherein there are a set of spring-loaded contacts which are designed to reduce the possibility of any poor connection issues.)

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Gas Pump Hose Handle for Vacuum Hose

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