Handle for Low Voltage On-Off Hose

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4 star user rating.

Feb 8 2021 5:33AM

Part did not fit my Imperium hose. Customer service was helpful. Awaiting refund from RA.

4 star user rating.
Jan 18 2016 5:08AM

Good quality . Had to use top section from old handle as the opening for the switch was not big enough to accommodate the original switch.The two pieces came together properly and it works well.

4 star user rating.

Jul 25 2008 5:44AM

I used this to replace a broken Vacuflo Turbo-grip handle. I had no trouble removing the switch from the broken handle and installing it in the new handle (one screw for the switch, alignment features for the contacts). It took me two tries to get the sliding contacts in the handle to line up with the contacts on the hose, but that was my inexperience. I find the friction fit does not secure as well as I would like, but it is definitely not worth the price of a whole new hose. Maybe I can drill out the rivet holding the button in the old handle and bolt it in the new one.

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Handle for Low Voltage On-Off Hose

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