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Spin-Pro Turbo Brush

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4 star user rating.

Jul 15 2019 5:02PM

Wife likes it for big chunks I bring in from shoes !

5 star user rating.

Jul 9 2019 7:14AM

Spin-Pro Turbo Brush is perfect for slate, tile and hardwood floors. Even better than I hoped.

5 star user rating.

Jul 3 2019 6:05AM

AMAZING! Well worth the money. I have multiple Great Pyreneese and this attachment keeps up! NO MORE having to stop and remove the hose to remove the hair built up on the tool. Best money I have spent for an attachment.

5 star user rating.
Apr 4 2019 5:13AM

Love it!!

5 star user rating.
Mar 26 2019 10:29PM
Comments not provided.

1 star user rating.

Mar 20 2019 6:56AM

Terrible. Thing worked for 30 seconds. Terrible quality. Very disappointed

(BIV Notes: Contacted customer regarding the warranty on this item and to get a better understanding of the issue.)

5 star user rating.

Feb 21 2019 6:18AM

Love,love the new turbo brush .

It is so much better than we thought

5 star user rating.

Feb 21 2019 5:50AM

Love the spin brush turbo tool! I used to use the regular hard floor brush and it was horrible! With 2 hairy dogs I would have to clean the regular brush every few minutes and I would really have to vacuum every room 2 times cuz there was always stuff left behind! It was so frustrating but not anymore! This tool is a lifesaver and time saver! It is amazing all the junk and hair it picks up the first time! Definitely recommend this tool!

2 star user rating.

Feb 21 2019 5:20AM

This hardwood floor attachment is very heavy to push on my laminate floor, so my arm is exhausted when I finish. It's very noisy and scares my dog, plus when I draw it back towards me it leaves a pile of dog hair behind it( I'm not sure if my dog hair is too thick for the attachment to get from behind, I have an English mastuff). The only good quality is that I don't have to stop every couple of feet to clean off dog hair from the brush like the softer floor attachment.

(BIV Notes: Air Driven tools are using the vacuum/suction power of the unit in the garage/basement to turn the beater bar. Electric is always recommended for use with large amounts of pet hair. feel free to call us for recommendations for any surface and application.)

4 star user rating.
Jan 18 2019 6:13PM

Works great! Great at picking up small things that the regular floor attachment can scatter. Works well picking up dog hair too.

3 star user rating.
Dec 17 2018 5:38AM

My wife says this product looks great, but does not pick up as much Dirt, as a regular floor brush!

MD Notes: (we have reached out to this customer to better determine the issue they are experiencing)

5 star user rating.
Dec 12 2018 4:58PM

This really made a difference with my tile floors because it picks up in the grout lines.

4 star user rating.
Nov 15 2018 3:00PM

Unit had a noisy sound upon delivery. Called MD AND THEY SENT A REPLACEMENT ASAP. Great service

5 star user rating.
Nov 14 2018 8:02AM

In combination with the longer hose and shiny wand, my wife enjoys cleaning more often; I think.

5 star user rating.

Nov 8 2018 10:56AM

We have a 90lb mixed breed that sheds a ton. Our entire first floor is all hardwoods. This head has worked great and we have had zero problems with it clogging up. Customer service from this company is also first rate.

4 star user rating.
Oct 16 2018 1:31PM
Comments not provided.

4 star user rating.

Oct 8 2018 10:23AM

Works well, a little louder than I expected but it does the job.

2 star user rating.

Oct 2 2018 6:52PM

I?m very disappointed in this product. It makes a scraping sound on my laminate flooring each time I use it. It has actually left marks. I?m not sure if it needs bigger wheels in the front or what will help it. I love the concept of this and it does really pick up but the scraping noise is too much.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to the customer and remedied the issue.)

4 star user rating.
Sep 13 2018 6:44AM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.

Jun 5 2018 10:28AM

This is the first time I have purchased from MD Manufacturing Company and the products are excellent good quality. I will definitely buy from them again and I will refer them to my friends

5 star user rating.
Apr 18 2018 6:31AM

This Turbo does what the flat floor brush could not, it picks up blades of grass and pebbles that track into the house.

5 star user rating.

Jun 25 2017 6:00AM

Great idea and works great.

5 star user rating.

May 26 2017 11:59AM

I have three Golden Retrievers and three medium hair cats and use the Spin-Pro Turbo Brush at least twice a week. While my normal hard floor brush picked up the pet hair, it would not pick up any litter tracked out of the cat boxes. The Turbo Brush has no problem picking up everything. I have not experienced the issue of hair stopping the brush from spinning that others have reported. I'm very happy with this product and recommend it. PS - Customer Service rocks!

5 star user rating.

May 18 2017 3:50PM

I bought the Spin-Pro Turbo Brush. It would not work with my Central Lux hose and I did not have an adapter. Even though I could not use the product the service was fantastic. MD promptly refunded my money and did not hassle me at all. I highly recommend MD vacuum!.

5 star user rating.
Jan 2 2017 8:15AM

I have purchased several different accessories over the past several years, but this is the first one with a moving brush. It works great! The extra motion helps it clean the floor better.

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