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2 star user rating.

Feb 21 2019 5:20AM

This hardwood floor attachment is very heavy to push on my laminate floor, so my arm is exhausted when I finish. It's very noisy and scares my dog, plus when I draw it back towards me it leaves a pile of dog hair behind it( I'm not sure if my dog hair is too thick for the attachment to get from behind, I have an English mastuff). The only good quality is that I don't have to stop every couple of feet to clean off dog hair from the brush like the softer floor attachment.

(BIV Notes: Air Driven tools are using the vacuum/suction power of the unit in the garage/basement to turn the beater bar. Electric is always recommended for use with large amounts of pet hair. feel free to call us for recommendations for any surface and application.)

2 star user rating.

Oct 2 2018 6:52PM

I?m very disappointed in this product. It makes a scraping sound on my laminate flooring each time I use it. It has actually left marks. I?m not sure if it needs bigger wheels in the front or what will help it. I love the concept of this and it does really pick up but the scraping noise is too much.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to the customer and remedied the issue.)

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