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3 star user rating.
Aug 1 2017 9:46AM

I am rating the "Inlet Trim Ring" in White.

The product fits and looks just as it should. Shipping was quick and correct. However, the added thickness of the trim piece made the inlet port mounting screws not reach to the backing plate. Thus, I can't install them until I find 1.75 inch white enameled mounting screws.

These should be shipped with longer mounting screws to replace the standard mounting screws.

(MD Notes: This is not a common issue. Yes, longer screws will be needed in this circumstance. We reached out to the customer to help resolve.)

3 star user rating.

Aug 4 2012 5:39AM

These fit fine. But the color of whit is slightly off from the matching inlets we bought. It is almost like they are molded out of different plastic and the color lots differed. We'live with it because they only cost $2 and the difference is only minor. But I would be happier if they were an exact match.

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