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Low Voltage Vacuum Hose

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1 star user rating.
Mar 13 2019 3:44PM

I was satisfied with customer service, a bit disappointed in how long it took for product to arrive, I think it was over a week before it was ever shipped. Also we only used it several times and the hose is tearing already, right beside the handle. I was going to call you and didn't get it done yet when I got this review so thought I would start here. Thanks for any assistance. Mahlon

(BIV Notes: Please contact us directly if a warranty replacement is needed for all MD Parts, this allows us to take care of you in a more timely manner. We have contacted the customer to discuss the need for replacement.)

1 star user rating.
Dec 10 2018 7:23PM

Actually, I need to contact customer service because the hose which I ordered does not fit into the wall receptacle and therefore is useless to me. I hope to be able to exchange it for something of an appropriate size.

MD Notes: (customer has been contacted to exchange or send proper adapter)

1 star user rating.
Sep 28 2017 12:43PM

This particular hose was defective. With some excellent help from Customer Service, we returned it and received a new hose.

1 star user rating.
May 7 2016 6:10AM

There was no extension rod on the vacuum, which makes it very hard to use

(MD Notes: Due to multiple available options, rods (wands) are sold separately.)

1 star user rating.
Mar 24 2014 7:24AM

This product did not work with my Nutone central vac system, even though I searched by brand name when ordering it. The connector that connector that inserts into suction port looked similar to the one for my Nutone system, but it was too large. I now have to go through the hassle of shipping it back, which sounds easy, but I am finding MD Manufacturing to be slow in responding to me. (MD NOTES: We are doing everything we can to make this customer satisfied. Nutone can be an issue depending on the type of hose and valve. Please call to make sure you have a good match. Many times a bit of plastic can be scraped off the hose end to make everything work perfectly.)

1 star user rating.
Feb 19 2014 2:38PM

This product was defective. It kept shorting as soon as the hose was moved around. Unfortunately it had to be returned for a refund.

(MD Notes: We sent a return shipping label to the customer and issued a complete refund. We regret to hear that this customer received a defective hose and we are addressing this matter.)

1 star user rating.

May 14 2010 7:55AM

My original hose, that lasted 12 yrs, was a much "firmer" hose that didn't kink or flatten when accidently stepped on. I assumed I was buying the same hose, since it had the same manufacturer's name as my old one. I figured paying almost $90 for your hose - it would have the same features. That's a lot of money! But it doesn't!!! It's a much cheaper hose than my old one. The first time I used it - it got a couple kinks in it because I wasn't used to having to be super careful when I took it out of storage. I now have to take extra time to make sure the hose is perfectly uncoiled and straight. And, heaven forbid, if I accidently step back on the hose while vacuuming! I predict this hose will not last a year. And I will not be buying my replacement hose from you! (MD NOTES: Advancements in plastics have allowed us produce a lighter, pliable hose that is easier on you and your home while providing more suction. We often hear the amazement of those are only used to the rigid hoses. Hopefully, you'll be won over to the benefits and drawbacks of the newer hose over the older one. Please give it some time. The hose should last for many years and provide you a cleaner home.)

1 star user rating.

Mar 25 2010 5:53AM

The hose you sent did not work. Only the proprietary hose, sold by the vacuflo dealer would satisfy our needs.

I was forced to return your hose and pay additional postage. which I did promptly. Unfortunately, the return is not yet credited to my Visa account.

Your customer service department was very honest and did respond within 24 hours, advising me correctly that the only hose that would work in my system was one purchased from Vacuflo.

1 star user rating.
Dec 9 2009 1:22AM

The button does not work. When you inserte the hose it starts the vaccum but the button does not work to shut it off. You may have send us a defective product or it just does not work. (MD NOTES: This is a common oversight for customers with normal inlets. The tab on the hose end has to be up or down when inserted into the wall port. If that doesn't work then your inlets are a single trigger point and the hose, though a better hose then the none handle type, will turn the suction on when inserted.

1 star user rating.

May 26 2009 2:00PM

The hose wall is too thin causing the hose to crush/crease too easily blocking the suction. Not a good quality product. (MD NOTES: Please contact us right away for warranty if anything like this is found in a newer hose.)

1 star user rating.

Mar 31 2009 7:07PM

The hand switch does not work. I also ordered attachment with the lock in hole, but none of the attachments had the holes in them.

1 star user rating.

Sep 29 2008 8:02PM

It broke already a I have to return it, Cost me $10.00 shipping, to get it replaced. I am NOT happy.

1 star user rating.

Aug 1 2008 6:08PM

On /Off switch will not turn vacuum off. Apparently it does not work with standard VacuFlow ports. We thought we bought an On/Off hose. Tom (MD NOTES: VACUFLO hose page and the Low Voltage section has a warning about this issue Please return the hose and go to Vacuflo directly or buy our adaptor kits for the wall ports. They are also found on the warning page. The benefit of the adaptor is you are now not locked into expensive proprietary hoses and an electric hose can be used effectively.)

1 star user rating.

Nov 26 2007 7:47AM

I love the on/off switch and the extra length. However, the hose has stopped working after two or three years. The on switch no longer works, and I have to go into the basement to turn the unit on in order to vacuum. Also, I HATE the friction fit, as the wand is constantly falling out and dinging my new cherry floors. It has resulted in serious damage to the hard wood floors, and I should have thrown it out years ago.

MD NOTES: We have replacement switches and the button lock version of this hose.

1 star user rating.

Oct 26 2007 11:09AM

It does not stay connected. very very frustrating when I vacuum and the hose keeps coming off of the tube. Obviously the "friction" does not work well. MD NOTES: REPLACEMENT WANDS WERE SENT IMMEDIATELY TO THE CUSTOMER.

1 star user rating.

Aug 9 2007 8:15AM

Re: Hose #383BL. Thank you for giving me the chance to evaluate the hose. It is extraordinarily disengenuous to ask inasmuch as the item has not shipped. Most on line businesses don't sell the customers items that they don't have in their inventory. (MD NOTES: USA Hose Manufacturer is backordered industry wide and fulfillment was slow as this time.)

1 star user rating.

Mar 10 2007 7:56AM

after plugging in the hose the switch does'nt turn off! I have 2 of these and wonder if they are defective?

MD NOTES: Be sure that this hose in inserted into the inlet with the tab at 12 o'clock or 6 o'clock.

1 star user rating.

Oct 7 2006 10:46AM

Do not buy the 15ft hose. Yes, it is shorter so it can fit on the hose hanger more easy. But, it makes your house require more inlets ( wich is sometimes pricy).

1 star user rating.

Apr 18 2006 3:12PM

Poor quality, easily kinked, no button lock or hose hanger included also very expensive compared to NuTone that delivers a kinkproof high quality hose with a button lock, a hanger, and mounting hardware for less money.

(MD NOTES: These hoses are the best US made hoses available. We don't sell imported inferior products. The hose is also available with a button lock, and hose hangers and storage supplies, if you need them, are also available. All Low Voltage hoses rotate 360-degrees at the hose handle and unwind themselves as you vacuum, thus preventing kinks. When you receive the hose it is tightly coiled and it is recommended that you stretch it out this first time before plugging it into the hose inlet.)

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