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Low Voltage Vacuum Hose

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2 star user rating.
Feb 26 2018 5:56PM

I could not use this hose. I had to buy a vacuflow hose. Supposed to fit 99% of all systems. I?m the 1%!

(MD Notes: Many Vacuflo systems used proprietary inlet valves that standard hoses are not compatible with. We have worked with the customer and arranged a return.)

2 star user rating.

Oct 17 2016 6:42AM

The hose material not the original. probably NOT made in USA.

(MD Notes: Our Basic, Low Voltage & Electric Hoses are manufactured in Mexico.)

2 star user rating.
Feb 6 2014 10:44AM

The hose kinks too easily. The original hose was better quality

2 star user rating.
Jan 18 2014 5:33AM

Less than literally 15 seconds after turning it the vacuum hose was shorting out causing the vacuum to turn on and off several time a minute. Aside from this it didn't seem to be cheaply constructed.

2 star user rating.
Feb 20 2013 4:44AM
Comments not provided.

2 star user rating.
May 4 2011 11:45AM

Locking button is in the wrong position on the handle and does not engage accessories properly.

Accessories do not fit tightly. (MD NOTES: We will contact the customer immediately to find the issue and solution.)

2 star user rating.

Nov 30 2010 3:00AM

Hose appears to be thinner than the original and kinks much easier. The button lock is not in the same location as the original preventing the joint from sealing perfectly.

2 star user rating.

Mar 1 2010 7:54AM

the hose feels cheap (MD NOTES: Newer hoses are made of better material. They are light and soft. The hoses will last a very long time despite of the feeling of them compared to old hoses.)

2 star user rating.
Jun 25 2008 1:48AM

The hose was cheaply made compared to the original which I thought I was buying. The website is misleading by saying products by brand if they are not branded products.

MD NOTES: Compared to older thicker, bulky hoses the new hoses only seem "cheap". Technology has produced higher quality plastics that work just as good, if not better, and provide added benefits. Regarding the header "Products by Brand" we are removing that very soon. The fact is we have "Products for Brands". Products are produced by only a couple of manufacturers and sold by all brands.

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