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Manta Mop Head for All Vacuum Cleaners

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1 star user rating.

Sep 14 2019 6:44AM

Just moves dirt around and doesn?t suck it up. Disappointed

(MD Notes: We regret to hear that this did not work out as many customers do really enjoy this item. We reached out to the customer and offered to issue a full refund of the product price.)

1 star user rating.
May 21 2019 7:39AM

I found this product wasn't very effective. It basically moved around the dirt.

(MD Notes: MD Mfg. Inc offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us for return and refund of any item.)

1 star user rating.

Apr 29 2018 5:07PM

I had such high hopes for this product. We had previously used a microfiber pad on our portable Shark vacuum. When we decided to begin using our central vac system the Manta Mop seemed to be similar in concept. However, I am very disappointed in it now especially since I bought a second yarn mop for it. After cleaning the house it is full of dirt, hair, and cat fur which the vacuum wand does NOT remove and I have to pull the stuff out with my fingers. It is really kind of disgusting and way too much dirt and fur to put in the washing machine and septic system. I will probably end up throwing the manta in the trash and begin using the Atlas floor attachment which seems to work well.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to the customer to remedy the issue.)

1 star user rating.

Feb 9 2015 10:03AM

When vacuuming the dust sticks to the blue mop and need to clean it frequently while vacuuming, does not get corners very well

1 star user rating.

Feb 7 2015 12:13PM

I just recently purchased this product and to me personally, it was a waste of money. I thought the opening at the bottom was wider but its not. Firstly, it made so much noise against my hardwood I couldn't stand using it. So I put a sticky felt on it to quieten it. Then I found all it did was collect the dirt and hairs against the blue fluffy pad instead of sucking it up in the vacuum. I decided to take off the pad and put felt all away around it. Still not happy with the product. So now it sits in my closet. Again, a waste of $60 for me. Very disappointed.

1 star user rating.
Aug 14 2014 10:35AM

Vac head is ok, but replaced cheap yarn part with a customized Bona duster head.

1 star user rating.
Jun 23 2014 9:28PM

Used it to mop once and cleaned it with a paper towel the yarn simply falls apart. The velcro sticker also fell apart and dirt got in between the glue and velcro sticker. Ended up feeling more dirty than clean after using it. There is more dirt stuck to the mop than the dirt it actually sucks. Not satisfied with this product. The Axis hardwood floor brush does a better job than this.

(MD Notes: We regret to hear that you are unsatisfied with this item. We have issued a full refund for this product.)

1 star user rating.

Mar 11 2014 4:38PM

doesnt work

1 star user rating.

Mar 3 2014 6:52AM

Does not fit on vac handle or pole

(MD Notes: Our Manta Mop Head accessory fits all standard 1.25" diameter wands.)

1 star user rating.
Jan 8 2014 9:23AM

Only suction is in the center. If you have any particles on the blue area it just pushes the particles around. Then you have to move the attachment to line it up with the particles to suck them up. Also, the suction area gets a suction on the floor and makes loud suction noises. Then you have to tip the attachment and you are defeating the purpose. To me this attachment makes more work than helping.

1 star user rating.

Dec 26 2013 6:39AM


1 star user rating.

Aug 26 2013 11:02AM

Not as good as I hoped! When held at a certain angle, it squeels loudly. very annoying! It doesn't pick up unless you hit the dust head on. Dissapointed!

1 star user rating.
Jun 23 2013 4:02PM

This vacuum head wants to be good, but not a single corner in my house is clean, and it's terrible in bathrooms. I am not interested in changing vacuum cleaner heads every time I change rooms, but honestly, this is only good for a straight wooden hallway.

1 star user rating.

Dec 6 2012 4:49PM

Very disappointed, it seems to carry material along with it and when you pick it up you need to vacuum up what didn't funnel into the opening. Probably will get put in the back of the closet while we try a different product.

(MD Notes: We regret to hear that this item did not work out for this customer. We have contacted this customer and have issued a refund for this item)

1 star user rating.

Jul 10 2011 7:20AM

I bought this based on the many positive reviews, and because I have 2 dogs that shed a was horrific. So inefficient at cleaning that I ultimately threw out the attachment. I would not recommend this item.

1 star user rating.
Jan 3 2011 10:21AM

it's nice and soft and it will not scratch the floors, but the vacuum opening is small in the middle of the head; it does not pick up/suck in dirt stuck on the fringes and the outside of the mop.

1 star user rating.

May 2 2010 7:29PM

I am very disappointed in this dust mop. I don't even use it. Does not do well with kitty litter.

1 star user rating.

Jan 8 2009 5:31PM

I have used this mop head only a couple times over the past year and a half since I purchased it. I am disappointed in how the dirt accumulates on the cloth fibers but the design of the mop prevents the dirt from being carried into the suction of the vacuum system.

1 star user rating.

Dec 7 2008 5:07PM

I read the rating for the manta mop head and I thought I would try it. It does not work, the dust etc. builds up underneath the mop head and the suction does not pull it into the hose. I would not recommend this product. However, I love my central vacuum system. (MD NOTES: Customers like the fact that the Manta has so much friction on the floor, grabbing all the dirt, even when it needs to be vacuumed off the many blue tufts.)

1 star user rating.
Aug 30 2008 6:57AM

The Manta Mop Head was a disappointment! The blue fuzzy stuff collected a lot of dust bunnies and hair, but no other dirt got sucked up and then it took awhile to "clean" the hair etc. off of the blue fuzz. We also had to keep the vacuum handle so low to keep the mop head level to the floor and if it wasn't level the little space designed to pick up dirt didn't work at all. Yikes!

1 star user rating.
Mar 11 2008 9:04AM

Sorry. Just doesn't work on hardwoods, and around furniture in a home with pets and kids. I would love to see a truly flexible mophead with great suction that picks up pet hair and kid crumbs!

1 star user rating.
Jan 3 2008 6:23AM

The suction area is far too small & the dirt just seems to be pushed around, not vacuumed up.

1 star user rating.

Jan 2 2008 5:31AM

Virtually worthless. First of all, it doesn't fit directly on our Beam wand. There is an adapter that is required. Secondly, the mop head has to be vacuumed off repeatedly to get the accumulated lint and such out of the strands. For the price (way too high) I'd recommend a good quality dust mop.

1 star user rating.
Sep 21 2007 9:20AM

This should be discontinued. It is hard to clear off after you use it. Trash it.....


1 star user rating.

Jul 14 2007 11:50AM
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