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Manta Mop Head for All Vacuum Cleaners

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2 star user rating.

Dec 3 2019 3:01PM

It's a very good idea but bad design/material. If the company can look into the problems posted ( especially the sucking loud noise and stuck to the floor) and redesign the product I will buy it again even with higher price. Nevertheless, customer services provided by the company was excellent.

2 star user rating.

Nov 20 2019 6:06PM

The Manta Mop head is somewhat disappointing. While it does gently cover a wide area of hardwood floors, it is making a loud squeaking noise from friction between mop and hardwood. We have two cats and the yarn like head quickly requires vacuuming. The strong vacuum wants to grab the yarn and try to pull it off. So if it weren?t for the squeaking and cheap yarn mop, the Manta head would make short work of vacuuming.

(MD Notes: We regret to hear that this did not work out as many customers do really enjoy this item. We reached out to the customer and offered to issue a full refund of the product price.)

2 star user rating.
Jan 25 2019 9:16AM

Doesn?t suck I?ll the debrie out of the micro fiber. You must unhook the hose and do it by hand.

(MD Notes: This item is meant for dust mopping, the dust is meant to collect on the microfiber pad and is removable and machine washable. Any larger debris will be sucked in to the vacuum channel)

2 star user rating.

Apr 15 2015 6:26AM

Cleans okay but to big and bulky hard to fit in tight places and once the hair or dust get on the mat part its hard to remove.

2 star user rating.

Oct 9 2013 6:25AM

Not as effective as hoped. On tile floors, the head will actually "stick" to the floor unless you lift the handle enough to put the head at an angle to the floor. This reduces the suction. The dust skirt works well.

2 star user rating.

Feb 1 2013 7:37PM

Actually I was disappointed in the quality of the Manta Mop Head. When I tried to remove the mop head to clean it the Velcro tape came off the plastic head. A better quality tape should have been used. Poor quality for the price?

(MD Notes: We shipped a replacement right away and we greatly apologize for the inconvenience)

2 star user rating.
Oct 15 2012 6:18PM

This product does not work as advertised, I have two dogs and they shed. The hair gets caught in the mop strings, then you remove it to clean with the vacuum and a lot of the hair will fall off back on to the floor (so what's the point) isn't it suppose to suck up the hair? the head does not sit well on the ground to suck up the dirt. Would not buy again.

2 star user rating.

Jul 7 2012 11:08AM

Since my house has no carpeting, I was looking forward to the manta mop head. I was disappointed with it, I've been loosing a lot of "mop" threads and don't find it picks up as well as a regular


2 star user rating.
Apr 22 2011 5:12AM

The blue yarns fall out after every use

2 star user rating.
Jul 13 2010 1:42PM

its ok but the brush attachment works better and easier to clean

2 star user rating.
May 3 2010 6:40AM

The ad shows a mop that the wing bends up so that the baseboard could be dusted. The one I received didn't have this feature and it is over priced for what you get.

George Hall (MD NOTES: The tufts move as you vacuum, they can tuck down, move back, forward, or against a wall. It was not made with the intention of dusting vertical surfaces. However, that said, some do use the Manta to vacuum their walls. We suggest an extra pad for walls only if you are so inclined.)

2 star user rating.
Dec 11 2009 12:03PM
Comments not provided.

2 star user rating.

Sep 17 2009 2:09AM

Product does not work as advertised. picks up hair from pets but interferes with vaccuum pulling action.

2 star user rating.
Jan 9 2008 4:01PM

works more like a dry mop and I feel like I am chasing the dirt arounf the floor to get it into vacuum

2 star user rating.
Oct 19 2007 9:49PM

I'm not sure it does any better than the regular bare floor attachment.

2 star user rating.
Jun 21 2007 9:19AM

It doesn't seem to pick up any more dirt than a regular soft bristle brush - actually it is a bit worse. My wife likes the idea of mopping and vacuuming at the same time so she uses it but I prefer a regular wood floor brush because it can maneuver better in tight spaces.

2 star user rating.
May 9 2007 5:23AM

The mop head gets dust but the vacuum suction opening is small and the dirt on either sides of the opening is just pushed away by the dust mops on either end.

2 star user rating.
Feb 25 2007 4:35PM

I am not that impressed. A lot of the particulate matter ends up getting stuck in the shag rather than getting sucked up the vacuum tube. I like the wide size, but I think I would be happier with an extra wide conventional vacuum brush head.

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