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4 star user rating.

Aug 2 2014 4:36AM

the metal inlet pipe on the back appears to be slightly tapered. In order to install on a 2.1" thick wood floor, I used an extender, but in order to fit the extender in the available space, I had to cut off the metal inlet pipe a bit. After I cut it, its diameter was too large to fit the extender, so then I cut slots in the cutoff inlet pipe to get it to bend outward and fit, and then applied silicone sealer to seal up the slots.

4 star user rating.
Jun 22 2009 10:56AM
Comments not provided.

4 star user rating.
Feb 22 2009 7:33AM
Comments not provided.

4 star user rating.
Oct 24 2007 7:30AM

screws were not long enough to reach installed receptacle. Had to purchase different screws for anchoring and could not find good match to cover plate.

4 star user rating.

Apr 20 2006 10:45AM

It looks very nice, but it was a bit more costly than I originally anticipated.

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