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Mini Hand Turbine

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1 star user rating.
Feb 17 2012 8:51AM

Lacks power. (MD Notes: The power of the vacuum system determines the power of this tool.)

1 star user rating.

Oct 31 2010 3:34PM

what a piece of CRAP!!!! all 5 I ordered stall out... as soon as they touch a fabric couch/chair of carpet on a VERY NEW and POWERFULL central vac unit.. with more than enough suction to drive this unt. Our dirt devil turbo tool far out performs these units.. i guess it is lesson learned (MD NOTES: As noted in these reviews the RugRut, or DirtDevil/Vacuflo tool, is the best of the air driven mini vacuums, and you must have a strong waterlift measurement, not just suction, to power these units properly. That is why you see the various ratings. To see if your vacuum has strong water lift, over 110, look up your brand and model and click on the replacement motor details. You will find the waterlift number there.)

1 star user rating.

Mar 17 2010 8:03AM

This product was terrible. It did not work when slight pressure was put on it. I wanted it for my stairs-without putting pressure it did not vacuum properly. Now my $25.99 item cost me $17.08 for shipping both ways.

1 star user rating.
Aug 24 2008 6:52AM

it's the worst item I've ever purchased, doesn't work, worthless (MD NOTES: We contacted the customer offering a new one or refund.)

1 star user rating.
Apr 22 2007 2:15PM

Unit is too noisy. I bought it for the stairs and it cleaned well, but I will not be using because I can't tolerate the noise.

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