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Mini Hand Turbine

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2 star user rating.

Nov 23 2012 4:33AM

Boggs down & will completely stop with any pressure. It's not as strong as I was hoping but does a decent job of getting the pet hair & dust off my upholstered furniture.

2 star user rating.
Sep 27 2012 3:41PM

Not that great of a product. Does not seem to be made for stairs or carpet. Would probably be okay for drapes.

2 star user rating.
Oct 26 2009 2:07PM

Turbo brush worked well til the turbine cracked after 10+ yrs heavy use & ever since it didn't work even 1/2 as good as new. These nozzles should have lifetime warranty esp the turbine since its too fragile.

2 star user rating.

Apr 30 2009 6:58AM

not as powerful as I had hoped. doesn't work too well on plush carpet as it slows the turbine down to a crawl. probably won't use it much at all.

2 star user rating.
Jan 29 2009 4:55PM

Disappointing. Needs a lot more powerful suction than my unit to keep it from stopping when it hits stair carpet. (NOTE: The vast majority of units have plenty of suction to operate this tool.)

2 star user rating.
Feb 28 2007 3:43AM

Unfortuately one size does not fit all on this item! I was hoping to finally be able to clean my stairs with ease but this was too big for my hose and had to be returned.

2 star user rating.
Jan 15 2007 1:33PM

An okay product, but doesn't have much flexibility. Doesn't do stair step corners very well.

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