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PetVac Shed Eliminator Suction Kit

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5 star user rating.

Feb 6 2020 5:30AM

Works great! My lab does not mind getting brushed as long as he doesn?t hear the sound of the vac, so this works for both of us.

4 star user rating.

Aug 7 2019 5:56AM

I would have given a 5 star but it doesn't fit the shark but using a small length of PVC pipe as an adapter worked well.

Make sure suction is low or it grabs the dogs skin and creates panic, use cautiously and they eventually with patients allow grooming, huge decrease in hair everywhere (Have two Siberian Huskies)

Tip: just use the rubber massage attachment until they settle for a few weeks as the brush can be a bit aggressive to begin with because of the added suction.

If you have patience highly recommend this tool.

5 star user rating.
Jul 16 2019 7:38AM

Am very happy with the quality of the product. The tubing is sturdy, durable, soft and pliable. The length is satisfactory. The brushes are sturdy and very high quality as well. I am using it to vacuum my kitties too. They love the shedding tool., however the suction when using that tool is quite strong so I do lessen the air flow when using it. I also use both brushes without the vacuum. The silicone round brush is great for getting of any mess from fabrics around the house. Shipping was fast.

5 star user rating.
Jun 18 2019 5:18AM

Great product. Has helped a lot with the maintenance of my yellow labs shedding

5 star user rating.
Apr 11 2019 2:44PM

Works as expected. Five stars for ease of order and customer service

5 star user rating.

Oct 13 2018 8:47PM

I love this pet vacuum! Works really well.

5 star user rating.

Jun 21 2018 5:29AM

Awesome product. It works as described and the dogs love it. I used to have to brush them in intervals because they wouldn?t stay still long enough for a good brushing. They lay down and enjoy the brushing with this!

5 star user rating.
May 21 2018 4:11PM

My cat loves to be vacuumed. His fur just gets sucked up and doesn't fly all over the house.

2 star user rating.

Jan 30 2018 6:18AM

Intentions are good. Great idea but the hose included does not reduce the suction and emits a high pitched whistle. Trying to come up with a modification that will work for us. This item is the answer to our dreams for our Border Collie/Husky mix. Kind of.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to the customer and have remedied the issue.)

5 star user rating.

Jun 25 2017 6:10AM

Love this, within five days of training my Yellow Lab had no problem with his vac brushing. Between this Kit and our new MD central vac, we are now dog hair free. Buy it.

3 star user rating.

Sep 14 2016 12:02PM

still to noise for my golden works great on our comforter...gets the hair off.

5 star user rating.

May 24 2016 5:23AM


3 star user rating.

Mar 14 2016 6:43AM

We have a Lab, who is not bothered at all by a vacuum, in fact I always passed our upholstery attachment on him, which he seemed to enjoy !? (acted like a massager ...??) Anyways the product does not perform as well as your video (hair comes off, but very slowly and had to make several stops as dog was becoming tired...) I went back to the regular rake-comb which takes a lot off, but have to use a regular comb to pull the hairs off the rake.... We are a little disappointed....

(MD Notes: We contacted the customer to discuss how we could remedy his concerns.)

5 star user rating.

Mar 11 2016 5:52AM

I love it and so does Alex my dalmation!

1 star user rating.

Feb 18 2016 3:39AM

I was not impressed. I already have a furminator tool and can use it with the hose nearby to suck off the hair. I hoped this accessory would let me brush and suck the hair up AT THE SAME TIME. It didn't work that way, and I still had to use two hands (one to hold the hose, another to remove the hair from the brush) to use it. Defeats the purpose of combining the tools if you ask me. I returned it.

5 star user rating.
Sep 29 2014 7:28AM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.

Sep 20 2014 10:00AM

To my surprise, the most skittish of our dogs loves this. She balks at extension cords & vacuum hoses, but she loves getting vacuumed by the pet vac. She's mainly a black & tan coon hound yet sheds more than our long haired dog. Any time she rides in a vehicle she leaves it full of underfur, and this helps to keep the car fur collection to a minimum.

2 star user rating.
Aug 23 2014 5:02AM

Too Strong and too noisy. Dog hates it.

(MD Notes: Please use with your current central vacuum hose and open both bleeder valves to reduce noise level)

4 star user rating.
Aug 20 2014 4:41AM

Taking some time for our dog to get use to it. Still a little loud for him.

5 star user rating.

Jan 8 2014 6:41AM

I love this!!!!!! The dogs love it, even the cat that sheds the most loves it. This brush system works great. Not only is the service great they ship to Canada.

4 star user rating.

Oct 25 2013 3:30AM

This works really well! I've been vacuuming my cat twice a week, and it's definitely cut down on the amount of fur that we have around the house. However, she hates the process. At this point, she tolerates it, but it's definitely not as enjoyable as the packaging suggests. I think the tendency for a high-pitched squeal to emit occasionally is the reason for her panic (at certain angles, the incoming air whistles against the brush openings). Still, I'd buy it again.

5 star user rating.
Oct 15 2013 9:30AM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.

Feb 25 2013 7:38PM

Love it

5 star user rating.

Feb 22 2013 7:16AM

We have an English Lab. They shed A LOT! The PetVac has been a great tool. Our dog doesn't mind the noise and it is as easy to use as a normal brush. I love that what little hair ends up on floor is easy to vacuum with the nozzle because it is already in my hand. I am also surprised and pleased to find that we will be able to take it to a vacation rental this summer. The house is perfect for us but they don't normally allow larger dogs. Since they have a central vac and I told them about this tool, they were more willing to allow us to bring her. Bonus for us!

5 star user rating.
Feb 1 2013 5:54AM

Love this! We have three dogs, all of them are fine with the brushing/vacuuming, as long as I have treats on hand. They watch each other get groomed. I keep it quick, just a couple minutes per dog, a couple times a week really seems to make a difference in the amount of hair around the house.

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