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18-inch Plastic Wand

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2 star user rating.

Oct 6 2019 10:57AM

A few years ago I purched new wands , hose, and hardwood floor attachments for my Beam central vacuum. The wands constantly fall out of the hose with just gentle motion over the hardwood floor. the Hose definitely needs a metal lock button and the wands a hole keep the wand on. The hose is also cheaply constructed where the metal meets the hose. The hose needs to be twisted periodically and does not continuously spin in place like the original Beam hosses.

(MD Notes: We regret to hear that the wands purchased in 2015 have come apart. If your hose has a button lock handle, the best option would be a matching wand that accommodates a button lock hose. Using friction wands are not idea.)

2 star user rating.

Jul 9 2015 5:58AM

They are too flimsy to put together to use as a handle it feels like it is going to break and it often comes apart. Only good when 1 piece is used.

2 star user rating.

Oct 15 2012 6:15PM

Cheaply made. Thin, I would not buy again.

2 star user rating.

Aug 1 2012 6:54AM

My original wands had reinforcement ribs running along the outside of the wands and these do not, they are just smooth plastic, so they tend to bend a little when you're using them.

2 star user rating.

Jul 30 2011 10:52PM

The wand fits but it keeps falling off no matter how hard I push it in. It's very frustrating!

2 star user rating.

Jul 25 2007 6:07AM
Comments not provided.

2 star user rating.
Sep 24 2006 10:23AM

Wand is not stiff enough, I quickly went back to my original metal

wand even though the new attachments don't fit as tight as I would prefer. I now use the plastic wand and my old hose on the garage floor.

2 star user rating.

Sep 6 2006 5:22AM

Compared to the original wands that came with my system, these were made cheaper and seem not to be as sturdy. Also, they separate from each other easily, making vacuuming with them aggravating, at times.

MD NOTES SEPT 2006. We are getting new, better plastic wands as the original ones were, very shortly. If you get ones you are not pleased with please call and we will back order the new ones for you to ship out when they arrive.

2 star user rating.
Jul 12 2006 10:19PM

Nowhere near as nice as wands that came with system--ridges on outside are sharp and nasty. Decided against using them to replace worn interior wands--keeping in garage only.

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18-inch Plastic Wand

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