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18-inch Plastic Wand

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3 star user rating.
Feb 23 2016 5:53AM

not as good as the oringinal but works

3 star user rating.

Aug 22 2014 11:15AM

The fit is very tight and I think with extended use the plastic may split.

3 star user rating.
Nov 19 2013 6:54AM

Lightweight and easy to use

3 star user rating.
Jul 13 2011 7:59PM

Nice wand, though a bit shorter and less robust than the 13 year old wand I was replacing. Such is progress.

3 star user rating.

May 3 2010 6:05AM

I had moisture problems with the metal wands I used to use...two rusted out in a year. I don't know why my system is prone to moisture, but I live in humid Miami, so that may be a contributing factor. So I am trying a pair of these plastic wands, which are just a fraction of the cost of the metal wand. They avoid the rust problem, but they are not as stiff or sturdy as the rigid metal wand and they wobble a bit when vacuuming. ... I guess that is the trade-off I have to make.

3 star user rating.

Jan 31 2010 2:46PM
Comments not provided.

3 star user rating.
Apr 23 2009 4:31AM

Perfectly adequate and satisfactory. Slip a little on a metal hose end, but does what it's supposed to.

3 star user rating.

Mar 8 2007 1:26PM

This is fine, but I only bought it to use w/ the Up & Over Tool. Since the tool doesn't stay on the wand, I don't even use it.

MD NOTES: We are contacting the customer, this combination works great, something is wrong.

3 star user rating.
Jul 31 2006 4:51AM

slides off too easily

(MD NOTES: Friction fit wands slide together and stay together very well with a twist.)

3 star user rating.
Jul 7 2006 10:28AM

We are not very happy as the wands tend to become disconnected while in use.

3 star user rating.

Apr 18 2006 10:09AM
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18-inch Plastic Wand

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