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Quick Clean Kit for Central Vacuums

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1 star user rating.

Dec 22 2009 4:44AM

it was stated for pet hair ha didn't pick up a single one, brush is to soft only pushed the hair around also the head is to deep it would not even pick up a little bit of cat litter I went out and bought a different head that works great

1 star user rating.

Sep 12 2009 10:37AM

I bought this hose expecting it could be use alot in the kitchen and greatroom areas. This hose is sooooo heavy that it is too much trouble to get out. I am very sorry I spent my money on this. VERY dissatisfied!!

(MD NOTES: It is a Stretch Hose which, by definition, means it wants to recoil. The further its pulled the more it wants to go back. It is only 4 pounds but can feel heavier the further it is pulled out. For quick clean-ups, though, it is really unbeatable.)

1 star user rating.

Mar 22 2007 7:41AM

Love it. Problem is the wand and the hose do not fit together properly???

(MD NOTES: We are resolving this with the customer.)

1 star user rating.
Feb 9 2007 7:17AM

Was not correct for my system.

MD NOTES: Will not work on some AirForce Central Systems.

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Quick Clean Kit for Central Vacuums

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