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Quick Clean Kit for Central Vacuums

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2 star user rating.

Jul 9 2010 6:55AM

It works fine, but unless you have places to plug it in all over the house, the hose is not long enough to reach many places. I should have thought of that I guess.

2 star user rating.

Jan 16 2010 1:53PM

I bought this back in '07. It's a terrific convenience, but the hose has an annoying tendency to separate itself from the handle. At least once a month, I have to stop and thread the hose back onto the handle. Hopefully they've modified the construction since then

2 star user rating.
Jul 23 2009 8:44PM

The hose works well for areas close and straight out of the inlet, however, it does not work well for areas that are around corners. My dining room is around the corner from the hose (but still very close to the inlet), and it does not stretch well. The hose stretches mostly from the 2 ends. It would benefit greatly from having the option of adding a small length of basic hose at the wall fitting. With this option, I'd give it a higher rating.

2 star user rating.
May 11 2009 4:01PM

The only draw back of this product is that it has no on/off switch which is very inconvenient. When yu plug it into the wall vacuum port, it immediately starts up.

2 star user rating.

Jan 13 2009 2:23PM

The hose is too heavy to use as we had planned.

2 star user rating.
Oct 23 2008 5:34AM

For some reason, when my son was vacuuming dust and he touched the metal tube, he received an electric shock. I tried and found the same thing. Please advise if we need an adaptor or other. In addition, where the hose connects to the plastic "handle" it seems to bend to restrict flow. (MD NOTES: Any vacuum hose can build up electricity. Rub the metal wand and the hose down with a dryer sheet and then suction it through the hose into the vacuum.)

2 star user rating.

Jan 26 2008 10:07AM

This hose is just too difficult and heavy to deal with. I end up wrestling with it more than cleaning with it.

2 star user rating.
Oct 19 2007 9:45PM

the hose is heavy and difficult to manage

2 star user rating.

Sep 1 2007 4:09AM

The hose for this quick clean kit is too heavy and much too flexible. It is very difficult to handle. It is just as easy to get out my regular 30' hose for quick jobs.

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Quick Clean Kit for Central Vacuums

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